Harris County Fire Gang Stalking
After being set up by the Harris County Police department by a officer Munoz who was trespassing on my property, stalking me, sitting in front of my driveway, blocking me in my driveway, harassing me for close to ten days before he falsified a police report after once again trespassing,
I sold my Houston home for a cash offer upon my release from jail to escape the stalking in the neighborhood which resumed upon my release. I the stayed at hotels until I eventually rented a room in Texas City, Texas. first I stayed at two different Hotels in Houston followed by a two week stay in Galveston before I returned to Houston for my final two week journey in hotels.
The last hotel was the Camelot Inn located off of I10 in Houston, As in the subdivision where I sold my home, I was subjected to a noise harassment campaign that followed me from hotel to hotel, city to city. I was also constantly subjected to police and fire departments using their sirens for this campaign as well as often flashing their lights when I was near. This has been happening since my arrival in Houston in December of 2017.
Subjected to this constant stalking and terrorism I recorded 24/7 at the time this video was taken at the HEB store located of of i10 in Houston.
As I was pulling out of my space I noticed the Fire Trucks pulling up, so knowing what was going to happen, I pulled back in and headed their direction with the video already recording.
This is Harris County Fire from Station #26

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