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Private Investigator Roger Tolces on Targeted Individuals with Ella Free

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Targeted Individual Dr. Sean Andrews Ph.D., Materials Science M.S., Organic Chemistry

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Targeted Former Police Officer Shares Inside Information

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Evidence of Microwave Assaults and Electronic Harassment by Targeted Individual Dr. Matthew Aaron

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Ed Gillham, Targeted Individual explains how to gather evidence

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NSA Whistleblowers William Binney & Kirk Wiebe speak on Targeted Individuals

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Most Important Targeted Individual Podcast to Date with Ella Free!

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Targeted Individuals: Neurobiologist Dr. Matthew Aaron interview with Ella Free

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Journalist George Webb interview with Ella Free

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Naval Academy Graduate David Voigts Walks Across America for TI’s

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Dr. John Hall on Targeted Individuals with Ella Free

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The Growing Targeted Individual Crisis: W/ Dr. Sean Andrews & Dr. Matthew A.

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Attorney Gerald Dibble Advises on Electronic Intrusion Litigation

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Electronic Harassment and Community Terrorism by Organized Crime Networks

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NSA Whistleblower Karen M. Stewart interview with Targeted Individuals and Ella Free

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Michael Barden Shares His Experience on Being Targeted in Arizona

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Electronic Harassment with Microwave Emitting Drywall: Matthew Aaron Interview with Derrick Robinson

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Remote Neural Monitoring – Military Operator Exposes Top Secret Info

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Launch of the Global Targeted Individual Survey, with Survey Instructions

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Targeted individual protest at the White House on May 24, 2017

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